About us

The importance of cow service has been told in Sanatan Dharma and our religious scriptures. Discharging this spirit, today ‘Dev Bhoomi Jan Kalyan Dharmath Gaushala Samiti’ is working day and night in the service of Gau Mata in the form of Gaushala in Dehradun area (Bahadarpur Road Selakui). Today, the virtuous fruits of serving about 500 cows in the Gaushala are being reaped by the devotees and servants who come here. The cow devotees who come here are very much impressed to see the various activities going on in the vast area of ​​this Gaushala. A lot of arrangements have been made in the Gaushala for the service of Gau Mata. About 20 sevadars are always working for the service of Gaumata. These sevadars take full care of every comfort of Gaumata. In order to support the helpless and helpless Gaumata roaming the streets of Dehradun, special arrangements have been made in the Dev Bhoomi Jan Kalyan Dharmath Gaushala Committee. The Gaushala has made arrangements for the shelter and treatment of the helpless, destitute and accident-prone Gaumata on the roads. For this, 2 medical vans with lift ‘Gaurath’ and a team of doctors are always stationed. A hospital with modern facilities has also been constructed in the premises of Gaushala with the help of the same Gau Bhakts. In our Sanatan Dharma, charity has been given special importance and as Goswami Tulsidas has said in Ramcharitmanas that the name and charity of God will have special importance in Kaliyuga. While discharging this tradition and for the convenience of the cow devotee, the Gaushala has made special arrangements.


The founder of this committee is Acharya Pandit Dataram Ram Barthwal whose goal is to work for Gau Mata, so he created this Gaushala Samiti so that more and more people are associated with our Dev Bhumi Jankalyan Gaushala Samiti and help those cows who are suffering and those cows are unhealthy we provide them proper food, nutrition and treatment. For this we want people to join us. Everyone knows that cow is our sacred animal which we also call god cow. It is said that the person who goes to the workshop heaven for Goddess Cow and Gau Mata.

Membership Life Time Membership Those who love our Goddess Cow can join us through membership. 15000/- is for joining our puja, havan, cow khatha and serving godly cow. For the workshop for the Divine Cow.

special membership
1,1000/- is for joining our committee and our cow rashi workshop.
general membership
Any kind person and women want to join our committee and workshop for Goddess Cow Rashi is 501/-.
We have a cowshed at our residence, Bahadarpur Road, Selakui, Dehradun. Here the cows are well maintained and they have been fully provided by us for them. Wonderful works have also been done by the government for them. Our entire committee is always aware of their safety and security. Getting support from all those who believe in the magic of education to empower Gaushala. Some days, it will be a matter of great happiness when a committee of Dev Bhoomi Jaan Kalyan Dharmath Gaushala will work with another committee of the state. His Dev Bhoomi Jaan Kalyan Dharmath Gaushala and the proposed Professional Gaushala Samiti are our humble contributions to empower the Gaushala Samiti in Uttarakhand.